"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"   ~Roger Caras~

Pawsmopolitan was created out of my love for dogs.  I am the proud mother of an Airedale terrier, a Welsh terrier, and a Bouvier des Flandres.  My dogs are not just pets, but are part of my family. Through the years, I searched in vain for unique, high quality products for them. With the increasing number of pet food recalls, I realized how difficult it is to know exactly what ingredients were in their food and treats. I realized how important it was to find food and treats that were made by companies focused on the quality and integrity of the ingredients they use. I decided to open a store where dogs and their people could find natural and organic food, treats and exceptional products. There is something for all dogs, big and small.


At Pawsmopolitan, dogs can do their own shopping, since most of the toys and treats are placed on the floor at nose level. I hope you will enjoy your experience at Pawsmopolitan; I know your dog will!


~Lori Dunbar, Owner


In memory of Chloe, Nellie and Dante and Phinneaus.  Gone from our lives, but not from our hearts.   We miss you every day.




350 Old Colony Road, Norton, MA                 774.331.2578                pawsmopolitan@comcast.net